Day 22: First world problems

What real crisis looks like. A (late) #throwbackthursday post.

Had interesting discussions at work today that reminded me of the time I visited the ruins of the Zamboanga Siege in 2014. This once used to be a place of violence filled with bullet holes, bombs, and casualities. The muslim rebels of Southern Mindinao had a hostage and standoff with thr government of Zamboanga.

My family in that part of country were fortunate to be away from that part of the city. So when I went to visit my cousin thought  it would be educational and interesting for me to visit and take a look. So with 3 bodyguards to protect us as we drove to the ruins of the seige.

Although, no one can live there, it’s amazing and tragic to see what had happened. I’m glad my family took me because it opened my eyes to something I would never be able to encounter in a first world country.

The things we take for granted in America and what we define as crisis still amazes me. Somewhere in the world, they are picking up their pieces. It’s days like this that should remind us there is a very big world out there. And it isn’t always pretty…

more info on Zamboanga crisis 2013:9

Philippine Troops Clash with Muslim Rebels in Southern City of Zamboanga

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