Day 26: The time I was a game show contestant

2 Minutes of Fame


Every morning my father loves watching his show “Let’s Make a Deal”. So when I found out they were giving away tickets to attend a taping I convinced my parents and cousin to go.

For this show the people in the audience must be wearing a costume. Contestants then get picked by Wayne Brady to presented with “deals”. Depending on what you choose it could either be an item prize, cash or a zonk. A zonk is a prize that is worthless. So now that we got the rules clear here is a recap of my episode.


Episode Recap

No one knows who gets picked as a contestant until they call your name. So imagine how freakin’ excited I was when Wayne Brady called me down as the first contestant on the show. I literally flew down! (My costume was a flying squirrel)

Wayne made a joke that I got lost in the woods and told me that I can’t actually fly.

When I arrived on stage Brady asked me if I invest in stocks. I said no, but I’d like to. So he offered me $100 “stocks” in the stock market. The actual value of the stocks are not shown.  However, I had to decide if I wanted to keep the stocks or not. It’s because whatever I don’t pick would go to the next contestant.

Lets Make a Deal..

For round 1, I ended up keeping my $100 Stock Deal. Then there was contestant Mitchell. Mitchell was given the choice between the “Big Box” and $1000. Mitchell passed out on the Big Box missing out on a gas and grill set. He ended up taking home the $1000.

In round 2, I had to decide to keep my stocks or trade it in for the Small Box. Whichever one I choose went to the next.

I am literally freaking out by this point because for the past 10 min I was onstage. Hoping that I would maybe be offered something bigger.


So now I had to make a decision on keeping what I had or trading it for this small box.  Hearing about a 100 people and their suggestions you start to feel a pressure to choose the “right” one.

Cmon! Like what would you do? Each prize is a surprise and you just gotta hope that the one you choose isn’t a “zonk”. All I remember hearing was “Stocks! Box! Stocks! Box!”.



Its nerve wrecking to me being the first person offered a deal. You have the risk of not knowing what you’re going to get. Either way, I came in with nothing it’s better leaving with something.

“My heart says I want the stocks. But my head is telling me pick the box.” is exactly what I said to Wayne Brady when I was making my decision…

Tada! In the end, I was lucky winning luxury watches!



After 7 months of waiting, I finally received my prize right in time for my 33rd birthday. This was one of the most tiring and exciting days I’ve had so far. It’s days like this, I was happy to be able to take my father to see his favorite tv show in person. That to me was the real win right there. 🤗


They taped this up so tight! It was harder to open than a pinata!
What’s inside this box???





Just in case you were wondering what prizes I missed out from picking the stocks.

The next girl had the choice between my stocks or curtain #3. She ended up choosing my stocks which ended up in being a total of $200. If I had gotten to the next round I would’ve definitely chosen the curtain.

Behind curtain #3 was an all expense trip paid to Jamaica. Darn! Too bad I didn’t get that far, but matching luxury watches for me and my future significant other is just as good.

Haha whoever he may be!

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