Michelle’s tips on how to be a contestant on LMAD.

            La la land Los Angeles is famously known for being the city of the stars. It only makes sense that most of American TV shows are being taped here. 

           If you are one of the lucky ones to attend a taping, you might have a chance to be on TV. Here is what I learned when I attended a 2016 taping of “Let’s Make a Deal” featuring host Wayne Brady.

Let’s Make a Deal 

What to expect before and during the taping:

  • Expect for a LONG day at the studio before you actually get in
  • Wear a costume, if you don’t have one the studio has some for rent.
  • Bring food and or drinks for the long waiting time
  • Parking is available but arrive early because you don’t want to be the last one checking in.
  • Expect waiting all day because contestants get screened in line and have to audition.
  • You have to hold your energy all day long, and by the time you are on TV you get burnt out.
  • While you wait they have a photo booth for you take photos.

I wish I had known about all of these tips before I went.  We were literally at the studio 8 hours to tape a 1 hour show.

How to get picked:

  • Nobody knows they are picked as a contestant until taping starts.
  • Maintain high energy throughout the whole waiting process in addition to the audition, interviews and in between commercial breaks.
  • Interact with other people in line, smile and dance.
  • Producers are ALWAYS watching to pick those who are consistent and that will give a great presence on camera.
  • Most importantly, wearing a awesome and unique costume.

Before going to the show I had read some tips on how to get picked. Glad I did because I was one of the lucky ones.

 Lets just say drinking 2 RedBulls got me to keep my energy at a level 9 for 8 hours. Smile until your cheeks feel like they will fall off. 

Angel, Dad, Mom and I front row

Here is the link to see future tapings


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