Day 30: Dreams come true


                     It started out as one of the biggest April Fools Joke, but 5 years later that joke would soon become a dream come true!

Never say “I want to”, say “I am going to.”


Left: April Fools Joke Pastry School Acceptance letter. Right: April Fools Reveal Dessert

5 years ago, I had pulled the ultimate April Fools Joke to my friends and family through Facebook. At that time, I was in school for culinary training so it was pretty believable. I had pretended that I had gotten accepted into my dream school: Le Cordon Bleu in Paris, France.

Chef Chellies Kitchen. Desserts I made for my Moms 60th Birthday.

Jokes on me, because as much as I had wanted to go, life wasn’t ready for me to go just yet. At the end of 2013, I had finally finished my passion and certificate on becoming a professional certified pastry chef. Shortly after I had finished, I went on to fulfill my grandmothers wish to live and learn my culture in the Philippines for most of 2014.

Pastry School Final. Mini Dessert Buffet

When I came back to the US, my plans were to move to the dessert capital of California, San Francisco. I had wanted to continue my pursuit of becoming a great pastry chef. Unfortunately, 2 months after my arrival my father had been struck with a critical stroke leaving him to be paralyzed on his entire left side. Once again, I had put my dreams on hold to take care of my family. I am a very family oriented person as you can see.


baking cakes

2 1/2 years later to present day, my father is recovering exceptionally well. Years of wishing and waiting for something great a long to come into my life I had finally decided to take a risk. At the start of this blog, I had been feeling a little depressed and unsure of where 2017 would take me. The urge to travel and fulfill my inner dreams and wants would seduce me over and over again.

More than wanting to finally start my career, wishing my father would walk fully again, to one day finding the love of my life and starting a family of my own. Traveling was something that I could control. I currently have no kids, boyfriend, obligations, and someone to accompany my father.

With no excuses or obstructions in my path i figured: Why the fuck not?

So, with the support of my friends and family and money I had saved up I bought my ticket to Paris, France.

In less than a week, I finally get to fulfill a lifelong dream of going to Paris and taking some Pastry courses for my 33rd birthday. I started a GoFundMe Page for all my friends and family to support my dreams of becoming an upcoming pastry chef. Even though i will only be in Paris for 2 weeks, I will be taking 2 short courses at my Dream School Le Cordon Bleu.


It literally made me break down into tears that so many people believe in me. My friends and family believe in me so much that they are allowing me to take a piece of them with me to Paris.

It just goes to show you that if you really want something. You can always make it happen.

I cant wait to share my journey with you!


If you would like to contribute to my birthday wish here is the link to support my dreams:




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