Day 35-36: The road to Paris 

SO I finally did it. I made it to the city of lovers.

14 hours, 2 transfers and little amounts of sleep and I did it.

flight LAX to Dallas:

I must have been so fated to be blessed because on my very first trip to Europe I got to sit next to some amazing people. On my connecting flight to Dallas I met an older couple traveling to the Bahamas. James and Diane were retired hippies in their early 70s who made it a mission after they retired from their jobs to see the world.James was well dressed in a khaki jacket, slacks and hat, while his wife wore a bright shawl that contrasted her bright purple and pink highlighted hair.

The most interesting thing was that Diane couldn’t move much so they had a wheelchair waiting for her at the airport. they had the most romantic story i heard as I headed to my journey. even though his wife couldn’t walk or speak too much (she was so fragile) her husband never failed to shower her with his unfailing love. whether it was tending their horses on their ranch in Oregon, flying her around the world, and or bringing her into her dream of swimming in the Caribbean Sea.

Though I only spent a brief moment with them, you could see the love in James eyes as he kissed her hand and told me they’ve been together for 50 years. His eyes resembled those of a teenagers eyes falling in love for the first time. Honestly I just wanted to sleep, but you couldn’t not listen. He was just so excited to tell me about the trip they were going on. It made me believe that love like that still exist. I imagine them sitting on their porch in Oregon smoking weed and holding hands discussing where they would travel next. Wheelchair and all.

James told me to make sure to have the time of my life and that when I find what I’m looking for, hold on. that you’re never too old to travel. They also offered to pass by their place in Oregon.

Flight from Dallas to Paris:

In the beginning, i was afraid to travel by myself but when I met Christina I got very excited and didn’t feel so alone. I believe It was fate that I would sit next to another solo girl traveler to Paris.

Christina is a Chinese American nurse practitioner student from Los Angeles who wanted to treat herself and quench her thirst for wanderlust. We quickly bonded and talked for hours about traveling and life. She also introduced me to the Facebook of other solo girl travelers in the world that I could connect with. she assured me of how fun it was to travel alone. That even though her boyfriend couldn’t go, it wouldn’t stop her wanderlustfrom travel. she told me that when she returned to California she would be moving with her boyfriend to Seattle, so that now was her chance to travel.

When we arrived in Paris I decided that I would go with her into the Parisian city after I dropped off my luggage at my hotel.

Train to Paris

here are some things I learned taking a train, trains into and in Paris

  • Paris is approx 50 -60 min by any type of transportation.
  • RER B is the train you will take and cost about 10 €
  • Buy the ticket at the ticket office behind the ticket machines.
  • Don’t forget Do NOT exchange your money into €. if you can use card, or withdraw from atms. dollars are usually almost 1:1 ratio. But I exchanged 200 and got back 56. they took out 25% cut. That’s literally stealing! Lol.
  • Make sure you get euro coins, you need them for that metros.
  • Taxis from CDG to and from Paris will be about 60€.
  • Most signs to your destinations are on the walls. look out for them because you will get confused. The Paris trains are kind of old and aren’t in big signs, so if you are new to Europe you wouldn’t know.

Yeah, I have a shit ton of bullet points don’t I? yeah, because Christina and I had the adventure of our lives getting lost on the Parisian trains getting to her air bnb and getting to Paris. It’s okay because I pretty much learned the most basic steps to ensure I wouldn’t do it again.

We spent the day eating in French cafes, munching on crepes, sipping espressos, and dinner in a fine dining prefixe menu. We also went to Norte Dame and escaped the hustling vendors at the Eiffel Tower.

At the Eiffel Tower we were kind of sad because of the many terrorist threat they now have security and police posted everywhere. The romance of the Eiffel Tower was now surrounded by guards, fences and long lines. however it didn’t stop us from taking endless selfies and admiring the very thing we traveled over 5,000 miles to see.


End of night


My night ended with my cousin Renz coming to pick me up at our fine dining restaurant. dinner ended so late because I noticed French waitresses take so long to serve you. Like slow, like a freaking snail. anyway, because dinner ended so late my cousin and I decided to take a taxi home because we discovered all the trains to my hotel was closed. that if we took the train we would end up in a dangerous territory at midnight. yeah, not good for my first in Paris right.

When we arrived we bonded over the last time we saw each other and then went to sleep because at 6 am I would be traveling to Milan Italy.

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