Day 39: Verona to Venice Part II- The girl in the red dress dancing through Venezia


        The few days and nights I’ve been in Italy seem to have turned my deepest reveries into realities. Never would’ve I dreamed I’d be running and jumping into trains across Italy  through the most romantic places on earth. 

Though I’m single, it doesn’t bother me one bit. When I say romantic, it’s rather simply the idea of the spontaneity of traveling to distant lands with no agenda and expectations. 

Finally after 4 hours of trains and 1 stop in Verona, I finally made it to Venezia (Venice).

The story of the girl in the red dress dancing through Venezia.

         Being late, tired and sweaty from jumping and running to my trains all morning, I decided to stop by the stores at the station before heading into the city. 

I walked into the first interesting store I saw, and right as I walked in stood out the most beautiful dress.

A red long sleeve knee length dress with a v shaped opening back. I fell in love with it at first sight and knew that I had to buy it and wear it. Because nothing says romance like the color red. 

After I quickly changed, I was ready to step out and see the place that inspired one of the most famous casinos in Las Vegas.

        The smell of salt, chill in the air and large ancient Venetian buildings reminded me I wasn’t dreaming.

Taking in Deep breaths. Thinking, “was I dead?”.

Haha no this shit was for real, and I was here. 

6,000 miles from home, and I was standing in  the city surrounded by water. 

This view took my breath away

I quickly hopped into the Venezia water bus  on the Grand Canale to make it to the other side of the island.

 I only had 3 hours to explore Venezia. 

          When I finally reached my last stop, it embarked on Piazza San Marco. 

Fuck, sometimes I’m so corny  but I can’t really help it. It’s just who I am. 

When I arrived, tears came rushing down because I didn’t realize how beautiful the city was. This is what it must feel like. The overwhelming feeling of joy. Or maybe the sun. 

Yea, totally the sun.  Got in my eyes and shit.

Like I kept thinking to myself, I’m finally here, I’ve come at last. 

Since my phone was stolen. I became super tourist taking pics with my iPad
Last stop on the water bus
      Sadly, for me I missed the biggest celebration in all of Italy a week too late:

The Venetian Carnevale. 

However, it didn’t stop me from buying one of Venezias famous masks. 

I stopped by a vendor in front of the piazza.

“Bella, I recommend for you this mask. It’s red and matches your beautiful red dress Bella.” the merchant of the Venetian stand told me.

Told you I’m a sucker.

He called me Bella. Ugh it sounded so nice. 

 Italians and their beautiful language, they can be so convincing. So I bought the mask and decided to try and wear it to be mysterious as I wandered around. 

Because, yeah im awesome  like that. Lol

Ciao Bello
     So there I was running through the plaza and steps of the Venezia canals with a red dress and mask in hand. 

I must’ve looked silly looking towards the sky and taking pictures of the scenes on that Sunday afternoon.

Did I give a shit? Hell no. 

I imagined myself  in olden times rushing to meet my masked lover underneath the moonlight next to San Marcos basilica. 

Photo courtesy of Wikipedia


     They were right about these masks in the old centuries. Once you wear them, you get more brave. 

Like nobody knows who you are. I was this mysterious blonde girl wearing a red dress and mask around Venice. There was a musician in a plaza and I danced as I walked across the quad. I’m pretty sure someone  took a picture of me. 

   I didn’t wear the mask the whole time. Since I was playing around in Venice I actually got lost in circles and ended up sometimes in vacant alleys. 

A street where I got lost
Another street I got lost
Residential canals
Lost in Venezia. I was nowhere near tourists
Shopping streets

  Finally after running around in circles, I ended up back at the place I arrived at. 

St marks basilica time lapse 2 sec 

Carnevale masks
My favorite shot
Before the rains come
I wish I could’ve bought this….

Finally after a short trip of 3 hours, I left to make it in time to my train before the rains sorted pouring. 

      Venezia was such a magical place. One day I will return…..

To be continued part III

                             ——side story: the man on the train  ——

I also, don’t regret my red dress. 

During my 4 hour train home, I sat next to a very handsome guy. Tall maybe 5’11”, slim, dark haired, hazel eyes, with ripped jeans and a Grey Hoodie with black leather jacket. But I didn’t have a chance to chat with him he was busy talking to his friend, so I went to sleep. 

When I got off the station I was so hungry I bought food. I then asked for directions to the metro towards my hostel. I was surprised the handsome guy came up to me and asked me if I needed help.

 Turns out he was a student from Bulgaria. I think his name was Stefan . Stefan said he’d help me by walking me to my station so I wasn’t alone. He told told me I was beautiful and wondered how long I was staying in Milan. He told me if I had wanted he would take me to see lake Como which was an hour away. He said it was a very beautiful place like me.

 So cheesy.

I’m not gonna lie, I was definitely flattered and surprised. Well, yeah and because he was hot. However, 10:30 at night, I wasn’t sure how to take him seriously. Had it been during the train ride, I maybe would’ve considered it. 

In the end I parted with and thanked him for the escort and that I was flying out the next day. 

I guess that was the closest to an almost romantic fling so far… 

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