Day 39:  Verona to  Venice Part III-  A hostel in Milan

Coddiwomple (v.) To travel in a purposeful manner towards a vague destination.

(taken from Charles)

Karin singing an opera aria. (Video courtesy of Mikael )

                              I never expected the kinds of experiences I would have the moment I landed in Europe. The best part of my trip is meeting new friends in unexpected places and having the chance to hear their stories.

This is part III of Verona to Venice, the people I met at a hostel in Milan.

Beixie and Hiroki

Dorms. Photo Courtesy of

As I got back to my hostel in Milan after my 4 hour train ride from Venezia I opened the door to find two of my roommate ladies there: Karin and Beixie. Karin was my bunk-mate from the night before, so it was nice to meet another girl inside our hostel dorm. I said hello and the ladies were quickly fascinated on why I was wearing a red dress. So I proceeded in telling my story through Venezia.

It turned out Beixie was a tour guide in Venice, so she knew all too well the magic of Venice. She was a Chinese citizen living in Venice after falling in love with Venezia after finishing school. She had just finished working during Carnevale and then gone to Milan for work things for a day.

The three of us bonded as we talked about the romance and all the beautiful things of Italy. They particularly liked my story of running through Italy in search of life, love, and celebration.

During our talk a male solo traveler from Japan, Hiroki, was getting ready for bed.  I started asking him questions so he didn’t feel left out. I’m sure he wanted to get some sleep because he was traveling 2 days in each city of Italy. I found it admiring because he didn’t know if he wanted to go to Firenze or Napole. I was so jealous! Karin, Beixie, Hiroki and I all became instant friends during our late night chat.

Mikael and Charles 

             A little while during our chat our other roommates Mikael and Charles came in. Charles and Mikael were there at the hostel when I came in the first night when I had lost my phone. I was super stoked that tonight I got to meet and hang out with my super cool roommates.

Mikael and Charles were going out to the terrace to have a smoke and asked if I had wanted to join them. Even though it was almost midnight it was my last night at the hostel. I decided to go with them to the hostel rooftop to enjoy the Italian air.

                After a long day of running around you’d also want to relax

Puff and relax

Rooftop Terrace. (photo from

So there we were the 3 of us were underneath the Milano night sky sharing a stoge. I am usually fascinated in hearing the traveling stories of the people I meet. I believe everyone has a unique story to tell. Commonality is what brings people together. So it was nice to spend the early morning sharing our love of travel, stories, and fascination of Italy.

Charles was a 22-year-old student and very gifted storyteller from Connecticut. He had studied a year in Milan and decided to return for a spring break vacation. Whereas Mikael was a friendly and outgoing Swede who had an affinity for music, cannabis and Italy. He had set his journey in Italy to purchase a home on the outskirts of Venezia.

They told me stories and showed me photos of their adventures through the streets of Milan during Carnevale. We all quickly bonded on how traveling brought us all together upon a rooftop in Milan. 3 different people who have all decided to stay in a hostel in Milan. How interesting all of our fates intertwined.

Perhaps the most interesting person that was inside our hostel room was Karin. Mikael and Charles told me they were deciding to make a video documentary to help with crowd-funding to get her published for a book.

Karin from Munich

                Karin was a 60 something year old woman writer, artist, opera singer who was traveling the world. She had told us that she had started to learn how to couch surf. She was in the process of writing a book about her journeys about sex, love, couch surfing and travel. Not only was she a great traveler, she loved hosting and hearing the stories of others as well. She is the kindest and most fascinating person Mikael, Charles and I have met. Despite her bohemian character shes the perfect example that:

You’re never too old to start traveling or living life.

Charles, Mikael and I. ❤

It was my perfect last night in Milan upon the hostel rooftop. I was reminded how there were many people like me who wanted to see the world and create their own stories. I never ever thought I would love staying in a Hostel. I used to dread the thought of  them because of stupid Hollywood horror films.

Community Kitchen. (photos from
Ostello Bello Medici. (photos from

However, for my first time in a hostel, this sets the bar for being one of my favorite experiences thus far. Maybe it’s the romance and atmosphere of Italy that brought everyone here together. However, it will be hard to top this experience because I ended up making so many new cool ass friends. I’m so excited because Mikael will come visit me in California! From Milan to San Diego. However, I know that fate will surely bring us all together once again.

            SO here’s to many more nights like this.

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