Day 40: Ciao Milano 

I miss you guys already!

I realized after 4 days I fell in love with Italy. Thanks to my favorite Milanese friends Elisa and Jac, I got the first class VIP tour from locals of the amazing city.

Like seriously, I think everyone should go to Milan, because it’s not only a fashion capital but a city with rich history, art and culture. (Aside from the many pick pickpockets.)

Here is are some of the places I recommend when visiting Milan:

1) Sforza castle,  Castello Sforzesco

If you’re into history and old buildings or architecture this is a place to go in Milan besides the Duomo. it’s so neat seeing an old fortress turned castle, turned historical landmark and museums.

2)Sempione park

Right behind the castle there is a very big park that tourists and locals like to go to. My friends told me during warmer seasons you may find many musicians, dancers and fake hand bag sellers wandering around. As you enter from the castle side, you would also cross mermaid bridge. Surrounded by the castle and the peace arch the park is a great place to hang out to get a feel of Milan culture.

Yoga turtle

Turtles in a row

Mermaid bridge
Carnival during Carnevale
Fake handbag sellers running away from the poop

     3) shopping

One of the fashion capitals of the world, there are so many places to shop at. Vitorrios Gallery, and Via Monte Napoleone are two of the favorite places to go to. Here’s a store I found in of the places we passed by walking the city.

I thought this Mouschino story from Moschino was fake. No, the garbage bag purse is 675€

4) They also have a China Town

As you know, every city in the world has a china town. Why was I surprised they had one in Milan? If you’re Asian, and you’re missing your favorite food you can go to China town in Milan. Look we stopped by to even get some bubble tea!

Kids play fightin
I found the Asians

Boba boba
Bubble tea and McDonald’s exist in Milan

5) the many churches, so many churches

Of course, with people living in Rome, it’s no surprise that Italy is a predominately a catholic country. You don’t have to be religious to appreciate the beauty of the many churches and cathedrals around, but after the 5th one they started to look the same to me as they were that common.

6) Architecture. Modern and old-fashioned

Milan is the beautiful example of mixture with an ancient city and trendy urban style.

Since it’s also one the most polluted cities in Europe they have decided to make a vertical forest. my friends made sure that we passed by to see the award-winning Bosco Verticale by company Boeri Studio. 27 foot apartment building covered in trees and plants to aid in The balancing of the microclimate weather.

Vertical forests

7) Italian gelato is a must!

Besides pizza, trips to Italy is not complete without trying gelato! This is one of the best my friends took me too.

3 types of gelato

7) Solo, new friends and old friends you must enjoy life and your time.

Thanks to my favorite people I was able to fall in love with Milan. Thank you giving the greatest Italy trip ever! Until we meet again… good luck in Thailand and Australia.

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