Day 41: Traveling Tips for Europe 

When I got back to Paris, I spent one day relaxing at my hotel and a cafe catching up on blog. At the evening my cousin Renz would come and get me to stay at his and his partners place outside the city.


So for this post I will post what I think everyone should need to know when traveling. (If you don’t know already)


  • Passport
  • Visa
  • Travel insurance
  • Copy of passport

Foreign currency

  • Credit cards with no foreign transaction fee
  • If you don’t have one, NEVER exchange money at the airport.
  • They rip you off, I gave $200 cash and only got 156 €.
  • It’s better to withdraw from local atms because the fee is cheaper and uses current exchange rate.

Spring and winter weather

  • Comfortable shoes. Preferably boots and with Dr School inserts
  • Scarfs and wool coats so you will be warm.
  • Backpack or cross body bag to keep safe with you on trains and public places.


  • If you are using the metros and know your itinerary you can purchase a pack of tickets in advance that correlate to how many places you will go.
  • Most tickets are 1.90-2€.
  • Trust me, if you plan on taking public transit, you will need lots of these.
  • Trains point to the general direction to where you want to go.

Dining and shopping

  • Unline the US, tipping is not practiced. Which is freaking awesome.
  • Another awesome thing is, tax is already included in the price. You never have to guess how much something costs.

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