Day 42: 11.5 hours in the Lourve

Since I was in school I’ve always studied art history. But for some reason, to be honest nothing compelled me to go to world famous Lourve in Paris. However, since I had no phone, and my cousin would be working all day and wouldn’t come to get me until the evening, I thought well

Why the hell not?

So it’s common knowledge that the Lourve is the biggest museum and world. Most people I met or talked to say that in cannot be finished in 1 day. Like for real, it’s freaking hugggeeee. However, when presented with a statement like that I thought to myself:


So i made it mission to finish it in the time I was there. Guess what?! After 11.5 hours, I finished ALL OF THR LOURVE. At the end, not only did I have a refreshing  appreciation for art,

I’m happy I decided to go because I was able to do something not everyone could finish and a day, and I was there during a Low peak day. Meaning I got to go when not many tourists were there. YAY! Though I almost passed out of exhaustion, it was worth it.

I present to you a collection of the pictures I saw at the Lourve:



What you see outside the Lourve stepping out from the metro
Since I was solo, I did the audio tour, total cost: 25€. It’s so freaking cool because they give you a 3D DS.

World famous Nike, in the middle of the staircase that leads to different rooms
Of course, the first thing you should check out is MONA LISA

I have a thing for interesting ceilings.
The small gathering around MONA LISA

Always been my favorite, CUPID AND PYSCHE
Sculptures by Michael Angelo

That technique though
And the angels went…ahhhhhhhh

Underwhelming small, but forever a masterpiece
Massive paintings
What a pervert this guy. Lol

This freaking mummy. You better stay dead. Lol


Because even though I shouldn’t eat it, it was all I could afford. This is their famous burger from mcd in France

Loser iPad selfies. Lol

As if I wasn’t short already

Rembrandt the time?.

This is the one arch connection Milan and Paris.





With Athena goddess of war

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