Day 43: Lovers in Paris

 “Love overcomes hate. Love has no color. Love has no orientation. All is love.”

Adam Lambert

Loic LOVES LEGOS. Im so happy he got me a gift to remind me of him! Thank you Loic! Its so perfect, a blonde superwoman. That should be me! ❤

            I truly consider myself blessed because I got to stay with my cousin and his partner in the beautiful city of Paris.

          I’ve met many couples around the world but none as romantic as my cousin Renz and his partner Loic. Now i’m not sure if any person reading this is homophobic, but if you are:

Get the fuck outta here

         With that said, I was in the most romantic city with 2 people who defined true love.

Loic and Renz

They took me to the place they first met. Labo Bar: Paris, France.

               It was love at first sight for Loic when he saw Renz dancing carefree at the Labo bar in the famous gay bar street. After turning him down several times throughout the night, Loic was persistent to capture Renz. The rest is history and they fell madly in love 2 weeks later.

           I swear their love is the corny kind that probably makes you want to throw up or roll your eyes with envy. Every morning, noon, and night, Loic assured Renz of his undying love for him. Promises of going to the moon, and not being able to be one moment without each other, and endless kisses was a constant part of their daily routine.

              From morning kisses before saying goodbye to work. Afternoon texts filled with overflowing words of love and emojis. To having a prayer, holding hands and a kiss before suppertime. When ending the night in bed exchanging stories about their day. They showed me the greatest example on how to maintain true love.

            It may be corny to most, but you have to admire and deep down envy the passion, faith, partnership and love that these two have for each other. While they might not be your traditional kind of love, they are a reminder that love has no boundaries.

Celebrating my birthday with these 2 and Estelle.

It is simply beautiful.

           In a city of lovers, i’m glad to have met two of the most loving lovers in Paris. The definition of romance was right before my eyes.


      Thank you my beautiful crazies Renz and kind hearted Loic for spending my birthday with me and giving me the greatest gift of how true love should be.

 Photos of my adventure in Paris and Argenteuil with my cousin Renz and Loic. 

With my cousin Renz
My cousin cooked us Bolognese Pasta
home cooked meal and a prayer for dinner
Qwik Burger. The famous fast food in France besides MCD’s and Loics favorite place. Did you knw French Fries arent actually French??
Grocery Shopping for Chips at a French Grocery store
Living in Paris means grocery shopping. Yay!
Arc de Triomphe with my cousin
Paris Disneyland

The view from Argenteuil
My everyday commute from Argenteuil to Paris St. Lazare
Life in Paris means trains

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