Day 44: Dreams come true Part II- Pastries in Paris

If you haven’t already read Part I here is the link, also at the end of this post is a short description of Part I.

               This post is dedicated to the people who have helped make my birthday the most memorable one ever. Thanks to your everlasting support for my passion in life you have literally made me cry tears of happiness. You don’t understand, every time one of you contributed i was overwhelmed with happiness, I cried like a baby. My heart has never been more fulfilled. You’ve given me the confidence, love and faith towards my step in making Chef Chellies Kitchen come true.

My heart is filled with love ❤ Merci Beaucoup!

Thanks to the following people who contributed in making my dream come true:

  • Ernesto and Juliet Mariano
  • Diona Osmena
  • Lorna Servero
  • Libby Khemmanivong
  • Maria and Michael Creps
  • Carl and Kathy Wentworth
  • Joy Santos
  • Margaret Macabasco
  • James Holloway
  • Kristine Abarientos
  • Arien, Ruffiedan and Arleia Salazar
  • Margaret Macabasco
  • Kaye Guanzon and David Corrales
  • Abee Abarientos and Hector Octavio
  • Misty Mariano and Victor Du

With that, I will forever be indebted to your faith in me.

            I finally made it. Friday March 10 and Saturday March 11, my dreams of taking courses at my dream school has arrived. Even though they were short courses, just having this once in a lifetime chance was truly a dream come true. It may seem silly to others, but to me it meant the world.


Up to the campus
The way to my school: Le Cordon Bleu Paris for a short course. Next to Seine River and Eiffel Tower.

 I took two courses: Patisserie and Chocolate workshops.


School by the water


Chef, I’m ready to learn!

 The past two days i made the most delicious desserts i have tasted.

The Handsome Pastry Chef Guillaume

         Our chef was in charge of the short courses at the school and has studied under renowned chefs and Michelin Starred Chefs. So learning from him was definitely a treat and it was a bonus he was a handsome and comedic chef. Though he didn’t speak much English he made sure we were all comfortable and at a good pace in learning our recipes.


My chocolate truffles… i waited a little took long rolling it in chocolate. 😛


Making American inspired French Cheesecake


          I was also ecstatic in making new friends during the duration of my classes. It was nice to meet other girls who have traveled so far to accomplish the same goal. To come to Paris and attend Le Cordon Bleu and learn french pastry. Knowing i wasnt alone in the pursuit to culinary happiness help make me put that much more love in my sweets i was making.

March 11, 2017 Chocolate workshop
March 10, 2017 Patisserie Workshop
Chef and I
My new friend Akina from Japan. Taking Patisserie class for 2 weeks in Paris.
My new friend Amanda from Brazil who was visiting family and going back to Brazil to a prestigious Pastry School.
Jennifer from England. Sous Chef


My new friend Mari Mari from Japan from Patisserie Workshop
Mari Mari

    Hopefully someday I get to meet these other aspiring pastry chefs (my new friends) one day again in their home country.  Maybe even one day i get to come back to attend more classes in Paris. But this one chance was more than i could have ever dreamed of.

Photos below are the finished products from my Pastry Classes.


French inspired cheesecake


Chocolate Medallions
Hand rolled French Truffles
Chocolate Tablet with Shortbread biscuit and praline filling.


Yay! I finished and got cool certificates!

Since i had no more time to take anymore classes, i used part of my donation to buy school supplies. I bought 3 official Le Cordon Cook Books and some magnets to commemorate my time at the world famous school!

Thank you Le Cordon Bleu, my supporters, my new friends and my readers for making me this most amazing birthday EVER!!! 

I am ever so grateful.

One step closer in making Chef Chellies Kitchen a reality. 


Dreams come true Part I summary:

Long story short, I am a certified pastry chef. It has always been a dream of mine to attend my dream school: Le Cordon Bleu. My favorite desserts are french pastry and my one wish in life was to have a chance to learn from a french chef in France on how to create these delicate edible art forms.

So when I decided to go to France for my birthday I thought it just made sense to make my dream come true. So in lieu of my usual birthday trips, parties and gifts i asked my  friends and family to support me by making a GOFUNDME page.


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