Day 45: 33 Paris


To many more 100 days like this. 

                Today I celebrated another year added to my life. I can’t believe I am in a different country right now. In the heart of Paris, 5,000 miles away from home, I start my birthday in another world.
              Hmmm.. so how does it feel to be 33? I can’t really tell you, because I believe age is nothing but a number.
Quick grope Juliets right boob and all your wishes and sexual desires come true. Hahaha (kidding/notkidding.)
Age is in the mind, and right now I feel like i’m 23 barely discovering the world.
                 Life is so amazing if you let it take you to where it wants to lead you. Sometimes people stop themselves from really pursing what they really want. “I’m too young”, “I’m too old.” and other excuses people say to themselves. But actually they CAN start living their life how they want it. It just depends on them what they consider their priorities.
                     Throughout this trip and birthday celebrations I met many people who didn’t let factors stop them.
 It is truly inspiring.
For the love of passion…
                            Almost halfway to my blog challenge, and I am happy I was able to knock out 3 from my wish list Click here to read what my wish list was
  • Travel Solo — Got to go to Europe for the first time, and by myself
  • Tears of happiness — Friends and family supported my wish and helped fulfill my dream vacation.
  • Something with 3 — I got to visit 3 cities in Italy. I’m so happy because 3 is my favorite number! Italy. France and Korea are my 3 top favorite countries so far.  (Besides good ol’ USA)

I can’t wait to see what my 33rd year journey will look like. For damn sure I’m happy to have spent it doing and searching for what will truly make me happy. We only live one life and if we were to die tomorrow, could you say you truly lived?

Taking next to Seine River on my birthday day. 3.11.17

Yeah I’m super corny, but that’s how I feel at the moment. Though i’m not a perfect person, or even the most beautiful girl, I know for sure that  I am a good person. A good person that loves themselves and wont let traveling solo stop them from pursing my dreams.

                                          My birthday wish is to hopefully have inspired someone reading this blog to live 100 days like this.

To see the beauty, gratitude, and inspiring things that make us happy each day.


Heres to 100 more days like this…..



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