Day 46: How to SEE, DRINK, and KISS FRENCH.

“Quand on a pas ce que l’on aime, il faut aimer ce que l’on a

“Want what you have and you’ll have what you want,


Ok, so you wanna visit France? Everyone is always asking, “Whats the big deal about Paris?”. To me, you will never fully know the feeling unless you see it for yourself. People who visit France are put in 2 categories: Hate it, or Love it.

Palace of Versailles

Whatever your category there’s just NO escaping what you will see in Paris. A city with such history, beauty, and culture its one of the most visited places in the world. Not to mention the mixture of characters you will meet along the way.

High end neighborhoods are filled with quaint cafes and luxury shopping stores. Just like Milan, people are unaware of that their outfits are about to be the new fashion trend. If you want lux, you got it!

View from Galleries Lafayette
At the top of the Galleries Lafayette
Fancy Chocolate

To the urban and more suburban areas filled with grocery store, fruit stands, and fast food. I saw the everyday people who took the almost hour-long commute to get to Paris. Musicians on trains and people laying in the sidewalk asking for money.

Theres also the french countryside… which I have yet to go to an adventure to. Lastly, my favorite. Everything tourists need to see. Was so happy i decided not to be stubborn and became a tourist part of the time in Paris.

Me in front of Arc de Triomphe
Me at the top of the Arc de Triomphe
My new friends i met at the top of the Arc

I even got to make new friends on top of the Arc de Triomphe! Jeanna and Gabriel from Germany.

I do not regret it all…


So there are a few rules when it comes to drinking in France.

  1. Look at the person you are toasting with in the eyes.- If you don’t, you will have bad luck!
  2. Do not add ice to your glass of wine- Because, duh, why would you!
  3. Make sure that everyone toasted before you drink – be polite!
  4. CROSS YOUR GLASS with someone else. – Also considered VERY bad luck!
  5. last but not least say “A ta santé”, it means CHEERS IN FRENCH!


5 years ago, my family started becoming a host family for international students from Europe and China. Our first host students happened to be from Sweden (Alexander) and France (Pierre). 5 years later I had the chance to see our French little brother Pierre in his home country and his STS classmate Estelle from that year. We ended up meeting in the middle of France for dinner and drinks.

Estelle and Pierre. STS !!
Pierre my little korean french brother

It’s funny how time flies so fast, because i remembered when Pierre and Alexander wanted to drink alcohol but they were underaged in America. But here i was now in France able to legally drink with Pierre in both France and USA. ( because now he is of legal age).


Truffle pizza and meat pizza!

We celebrated my birthday on March 10 with some pizzas and some cocktails. SO grateful to have been able to see them in all these years! Thanks you two for making it to celebrate my birthday.



So kissing is like a big deal in France. C’mon French kissing is a category of its own! However, one must know there are two types of kissing!

  1. Cheek Kissing- Social ritual or standard way of greeting to show friendship or respect.

This type of greeting i could get used to whereas i am a very open and friendly person! However, it took some time getting used to here in France. haha you don’t want to accidentally kiss lips to lips. It’s purely Cheek to Cheek, or lip to cheek.

2. French Kissing– Well we all know what that is right? One of the most passionate and desirable kisses there is involving lips and the tongue. Need I say more?

One of my wishes for my birthday was to kiss an actual FRENCH GUY.

Okay so here’s what happened….

On the night of my birthday my cousin and his friends waited until midnight to sing to me the birthday song and for me to blow out my candles. As they finished singing a handsome french man comes up to me and asks:

Birthday wishes!

Is it your birthday today? Its my birthday too!

My cousins and his friends knowing what i wanted for my birthday quickly told the handsome man to kiss me. Seeing it to as we had the same birthday he quickly grabbed me, and dipped me towards the floor and kissed me hard lips to lips.

For that one moment I understand why people love Paris. It’s not just the place, it’s the people. The French people are just passionate people!

However, after he kissed me my friends lit up a candle for us to blow together on the birthday cake.

Finally, I had my first french kiss with an actual french guy!

Photo courtesy of Pinterest

But… here’s the funny part. I’m not sure if it counted as a real kiss because in the end….

He was a GAY French guy.

I omitted the part where my cousin and his friends took me a gay bar where my Loic and Renz first met. You know the saying is true: Be careful what you wished for.

Even though I wasn’t his err… type, I can truthfully say I Kissed (a) French (man). lol!

I’m not gonna hate though! It’s true that the French kiss well.

That’s as far as my experience goes with European men pursuing romantic flings with me…

1) almost Milan tour with handsome Bulgarian,

2) and a (non)French kiss with French man 😂😂

Maybe someday soon!  😉

Maybe next time Paris.. I will be here with my lover . :p
FCK I know okay!? He was gay but i got my wish! 😀


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