Day 47: Getting lost in Versailles

I never knew what being in a fairy tale felt like, until I stepped into the world of Versailles.


The Palace of Versailles, Château de Versailles.

Grand Palace of Louis XIV, his successors and most notably Marie Antoinette. Should probably be on everyone’s bucket list of things to see in Paris. To be honest, I was originally against all mainstream tourist spots. However, coming to see Versailles has become my favorite place in all of Paris.

Palace Gates
Map of Versailles

   Paris travel tip: The Palace/Chateau of Versailles is closed on Monday’s. Gardens are open 7 days a week.

After taking almost a 1 hour train ride, ride on bus, and a short walk, I finally arrived at Chateau Versailles. Just seeing it from the bus the only words that came out of my mouth was,


Such vain Cherubs

Since the palace was closed I opted for renting a golf cart with built-in audio tour and music for one hour to check out Versailles vast gardens.

Totally ready!

I think renting the cart was so worth it because there were NO tours available except the one I was in. I had so much fun I even I made my shot at making my own tour at Versailles.

It was so much fun having to drive around the palatial gardens on a private tour by myself. I had the chance at driving fast and furious through a historical landmark!


Best idea ever!

After Being like a princess, I ended up walking through the gardens for the next 7 hours. Shit, I finally understood why royals loved taking walks in the gardens. These gardens were simply extravagant and massive.  They even had a vast Grand Canal that even the king of Italy sent gondolas to Louis XIV.

You spend an entire day getting lost in all the beauty of the gardens.

Good thing I had taken my cart tour so I had an idea of how big the gardens were.

Walking in the Gardens next to the Canals

Besides having brought my own lunch to snack on as I went through the garden. I ended up treating myself to the restaurant there for a pre fixe menu. The BEST French food I have tasted since I’ve been here! If you go, you should dine at La Flottille.

Pre Fixe meal- Steak

Being here at the gardens and canals felt like I was sent back in time. Forget the history, tragedies and triumphs here. One could get lost and inspired by their own daydreams as they walk here.

Ritz Carlton inside Vesailles
Temple of Love- Petite Trianon
Marie Antoinette’s Hamlet
Petite Trianon- or Marie Antoinettes palace
Trianon Gardens
You could spend forever here
Off beaten Bike paths
Petite Trianon- or Marie Antoinette’s palace

It was so magical and over the top.

One of the most beautiful gardens I will probably see in my lifetime.

I promised myself I’ll come back again so that I could see inside the famous palace itself.

Until next time garden of dreams, “Au Revior!”!

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