Day 48: Paris Disney Part II- Paris Exclusives Review


This is my list and reviews of Disney Paris exclusives I experienced.

This is dedicated to all my fellow Disney Fans.. In case you wanted to see why it was so different from Disneyland, Anaheim.

I absolutely loved it, because I went on a day it wasn’t crowded and everything was still closed until March 26 for the Disney Paris 25th anniversary.

Rides closed or broke down during the day

  • Armageddon – Walt Disney Studios
  • Studio Tram Tour – Walt Disney Studios
  • Big Thunder Mountain
  • Hyperspace Mountain
  • Star Wars
  • Pirates of the Caribbean
  • Disney Railroad
  • Peter Pan
  • Le pays des contes de fees
  • Casey Jr
  • Pocahontas Village





  • CRUSH COASTER– My new favorite ride. This ride is only exclusive to Paris Disney. Think space mountain rollercoaster type but set in “Finding Nemo’s” East Australian Current. This is the best ride, it will definitely surprise you and worth the wait!

  • RATATOUILLE: THE ADVENTURE- Imagine being the size of Remy the Rat from the movie as you go adventure down into the French kitchens from the move “Ratatouille”. I liked this ride because its 4D ride and you wear glasses to feel as if you are tiny and aromas of food all around you.
RC Racer photo courtesy of Wikipedia

  • RC RACER FROM TOY STORY- A steel shuttle coaster that makes you feel like you are riding on a hot wheels set. I think this ride is only available in Paris and Hong Kong Disney. This ride is great if you like the “big kids rides”. This one was pretty awesome for a Disney ride, i felt like i was going to fly off the ride!

  • ROCK ‘N’ ROLLERCOASTER WITH AEROSMITH- An enclosed launched steel rollercoaster set to music and lights to music from Aerosmith. Exclusively to Disney World Orlando and Disney Paris this was another really great thrill ride. This ride is so fast that it goes from 0 to 57 miles per hour in 2.8 seconds. Love it!


  • ALICE’S CURIOUS LABYRINTH- So at Paris Disney they don’t have the Alice in Wonderland ride but a hedge maze that you go through to meet the Queen of hearts and other characters from the movie. Be prepared to walk a lot because you could get lost and you also get to go up to the Queens castle. I recommend this for families, if you are a thrill rider you can skip this one.
  • INDIANA JONES AND THE TEMPLE OF PERIL- Now if you’re a true Disneyland fan, you must come to Euro Disney to try their version of Indiana Jones. It’s a thrill riding roller coaster! One of my favorite rides at Disneyland, CA is Indiana Jones. Thinking i would be disappointed, i was wrong. I love this ride!


  • SLEEPING BEAUTY CASTLE (LA GALERIE de LA BELLE DU AU DORMANT)- Probably the prettiest Disney castle there is! Probably because it’s true to European style. It is also a walk-through inside the castle to see Sleeping Beauty’s spindle and even have a chance to stand in the top of the castle and look out unto Fantasyland. Definitely a different kind of Disney experience.
  • THE DRAGONS LAIR (LA TANIERE DU DRAGON)- A European castle isn’t complete without a dragon! Yes, Disney Paris is the only Castle that features  a walk-through an underground dragon lair with an animatronics dragon. Beware it might be sleeping, and growl at you if you wake it! Super cool, and great for Disney lovers!

  • PHANTOM MANOR (US VERSION- THE HAUNTED MANSION)- By far the most creepy and spooky version of the haunted mansion rides. Try riding through this by yourself! Because it’s actually IN FRANCE, it’s believable that this could be a real haunted manor. Plus, the lights inside this ride is PITCH Black. Setting the mode for some serious goosebumps.


  • PIRATE GALLEON, SKULL ROCK AND PIRATE’S BAY- Another great exclusive to Disney Paris where you can immerse in the world from Pirates of the Caribbean. Disney Paris loves their walk through’s and playgrounds. This is a great one to bring the kids to explore caves, bridges and the galleon. If you are thrill seeker, you can skip this. I just took pictures of it because the main ride was closed


  • DISNEY DREAMS NIGHTTIME SPECTACULAR- A great fireworks, lasers and water fountain night show that follows Peter Pan and his shadow through different Disney stories. It’s really nice because of course a lot of the songs chosen are from the Disney movies set in France. Such as:”Ratatouille”, “Hunchback of Notre Dame”, and “Beauty and the Beast”. I loved the show! It was so pretty ……….I cried 😛

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