Day 50: What I learned halfway into 100 days

There is a popular expression that asks


“Do you see the glass as half empty or half full?”

When I first started this project, I wanted to promote inspiration in living a positive life. Trust me, I would have never imagined last year that I would be spending my birthday in yet another part of the world.   Though there has been many bumps in the road to happiness, seeing as the glass half full always helps me live out my motto.


I believe everyday should be a day spent learning, growing and loving yourself. The moment we stop doing those things for ourselves it will be hard for us to become truly happy. Now I’m not saying to be a selfish, entitled, conceited asshole or anything like that! Chill.. that’s not what I mean.

Oh Darling, Im just too fabulous for your bullshit. 😛

Doing things that push you out of your comfort zone, that shit really gets you to learn your limits. You get to find out what will make you feel satisfied. For example, at first I was embarrassed I was forced to take iPad selfies (since my phone was stolen). Getting absolutely lost in Venice. Hanging out with a friend who was once an enemy. Or even just snowboarding down the mountain again that im deathly afraid of.

Ipad selfies!

But then I said “FUCK IT” when will I ever get a chance to do this again? Now or NEVER!


I learned I could accomplish things that I once thought was impossible. Like traveling solo, im the biggest scaredycat! Or staying at a hostel! (Oh no! The horror!) One of the greatest things I learned halfway was that I should learn to be myself no matter what. To be not ashamed of what you like or dislike, nor should you even care what people think.

New Friends


Because people will appreciate the REAL you. Like attracts like, and there are other people out there who are attracted to that. Friendships, strangers family and more! I  didn’t know if anyone was out there reading this blog, but the more I did it for myself, people admired it. What was once my wish for people to be inspired,

It finally has come true!

I only hope in this next 50 days that I can motivate more people to change their lives to a more happy and fulfilled one. Your cup of life starts filling up with love when you stop focusing on the bad things.

Because misery loves company.

Who would want that shit? I’m heading for positive vibes and a positive life!

50 more days and then this challenge is completed! But the journey will never be over.




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