Day 58: Baking with love


My favorite thing about baking is when a you make dessert with love.


It’s kind of a weird thing you know.

I LOVE making desserts, yet I don’t really eat them. However, I LOVE eating bread, but I won’t make them.

However,  I believe that desserts should be made with tender, love and care.  Because you know baking something simple as a cake requires a lot of attention and detail.

Baking it, icing it and decorating it. It takes quite a bit of effort. However, I do it because at the end of the day:

I love how my desserts make people feel when they eat them

I’m really one of those corny types that love baking for the pure satisfaction that my love can literally be transferred into someone else. I believe in quality of my dishes and pastries. Seeing it make people happy to eat it or trying it, also makes me very happy.

I guess that what drives my baking passion. So today, I used my motivation from France and baked a cake. Baked a birthday cake filled with love for my Fathers Birthday.



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