Day 65: Musical Adventure Day II- Richard Ashcroft

Music is power.

Let it flow through your mind.

Your just like a flower In the deep sunshine.

-Richard Ashcroft

Today I had tickets to watch Richard Ashcroft. I was lucky to win them through our local paper: The San Diego Reader.

To be honest, I don’t know who the f*ck he is. All I knew before seeing him was he was the lead singer of 90s Brit rock band, The Verve. (You might know the song “Bittersweet Symphony”)


So I took my cousin Angel on a musical adventure to be open in listening to his music at San Diego’s Spreckels Theater.  Who had known that this artist had a big following. As we sat at this theater, we were surrounded by a bunch of tipsy and screaming loyal fan base of Richard Ashcroft.

We were really curious as to why people were going crazy over this artist who has been famous for a couple of decades. So we listened to his lyrics.

Honestly, his melodies and music isnt really my style. Reminiscent of 90s alternative rock. However, his lyrics really hit me. We discovered if we really paid attention to his words that it was very honest and real.

Could there be life without a melody?
A soixante-neuf without the erotique?
Imagine my life without your morning smile
That look of love that says, ‘stay awhile

-“These People”

And …

Everybody finds somebody to hurt, it seems
Caught in the middle of life
It’s just a riddle full of bad dreams.

-“Everybody Needs Somebody to Hurt”

There is something about 90s artists that I see. They are passionate about their music, lyrics and performance. Something that we are missing in todays music scene. For me, i highly respect it.

When Richard Ashcroft performs he puts his heart and soul into it. He drops down to his knees and really engages in his music. You don’t have to love his music to respect that dedication.

Its days like this that make me appreciate music and passion. Thank you Richard for showing me how your passions can keep your loyal fan base for over 20+ years.

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