Day 70: San Diego Specialty



Today is day 70 of my 100 days like this blog. 30 more days to go until my challenge is finally completed!

I really wanted to give something special for my 30th day, something truly “San Diego”.

San Diego Carne Asada Fries

This Cali-Mex delicacy was created here in San Diego and only has the authentic taste from here. It’s hot golden french fries topped with carne asada fries, smothered in cheese, guacamole, and sour cream.

This specialty is a San Diego favorite, for sharing, eating, and hangovers. I’ve been craving it since being back from Europe, so I made sure to eat it!

However, my ass didn’t realize it was “National Burrito Day”.

Like seriously? When did the f*ck that happen? I seriously want to meet the person that gets to come up with these so-called holidays. If I knew I would’ve just gotten me a damn burrito!

However, i do not regret the (calories) and my choice for eating carne asada fries today.

Its day like this to remember:

F*ck It. (calories and all)

If you crave or want something:

Don’t wait, and do what makes you happy!

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