Day 71: World news and much needed shots.

 Today, was a historic day.

Both sides of the globe woke up to terrible and shocking news. Friday early morning, US President Trump ordered 59 tomahawk missiles at a Syrian airfield. In summary, as a response and warning to the Syrian leader Assad for alleged “poisoning, gassing and deaths” of its citizens.

Photo from ABC7news

Click here to Read article – NBC NEWS

Hours later in America’s side of the world, we awoke to hear about the terrorist attack in Stockholm, Sweden. A terror attack that led a suspect to kill 4 people after he ran his truck into a shopping store.

Photo from CNN

Click to read on Sweden Terror Attack- CNN

I am not the type to discuss politics (partly, because it’s not what this blog is about). However, it’s crazy to see the things that are happening in just one day.

My heart goes out to my friends and the soliders/sailors/marines that are risking their life for the incidents in Syria. I grew up with a heavily military influence so I know that the upcoming events pose risks for those that protect and serve us here in America. Despite who are President is.

Colorado Soldiers Return Home
photo from US Defense

My prayers also go out to the people in Sweden. My friends there, as well as those whose lives are affected by the attack. I’m glad the people I knew, that they were all safe.

So tonight I went out with my best friend Shey to drink and enjoy life. Because life is short, and in these crazy days we all would need a shot of liquor to get through some shit days.

Its days like this to remember that if you are reading this post, you are one lucky ass person. You were fortunate enough to either:

  • have technology to read this blog/post
  • be alive
  • not in a war torn country
  • want to have a positive life!
  • and more!


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