Day 72: A Saturday with my parents


I must be weird, or a good daughter because I can stand hanging out with my parents.

Next week a friend from Sweden will be visiting me during my Mothers Birthday. So this weekend I decided to take my parents out and spend time with them before he arrives. So we went to their Disneyland: The Casino.


No, they’re not addicts but its a place for them to past time away and be surrounded with other .. err like minded people.

Dinner, boxing, casinos and beer (for me) kinda Saturday. Challenging my mom to eat this colossal pretzel by herself. We went to eat at Tony Gywnn themed restaurant  and watched the main boxing fight event on the big screened televisions.

Lomachenko VS Sosa.

Im thankful that I could make my parents happy and eat dinner with them. I treasure days like this even though its a regular saturday for them.

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