Day 73: Little Italy

Opportunities are missed because they are dressed in overalls and look like work.

I saw this sign while I was walking around Little Italy San Diego today. It caught my eye off the bat because it reminds us that we should remember to take chances. We never know where it will lead us.

For some strange reason I keep meeting interesting people who revolve around



Several months ago I bumped into an artist named “Elaine”. I didn’t expect months later I would be meeting her again at her residence in SD’s Little Italy.

Elaine is inspiring because she’s almost 80 years old and lives in international youth residence. A building full of 20 something year old international students who have come to study English in San Diego.

She’s so filled with passion about her art. Yet, she stays young at heart by choosing to surround herself with the up to date trends and young people. Shes lived a well-traveled and interesting life. You would think she was 50 years younger than she actually is. When I become that age I hope to maintain that kind of spark and zest for life and ambitions. I’m happy that I took the chance and said yes in getting the chance to work with her.

Sign on my walk through Little Italy

I also have met new world friends when I was at a hostel in Milan, Italy. That I will get to see in few days. Just weeks ago, I was staring at the stars in Italy. Now I get to make new friends in my city’s own Little Italy. As well as getting to see one I actually made in Italy.

Ready for work

So it’s pretty crazy how life is connected in some ways.

Today reminded me that you don’t have to always chase your wanderlust. That wanderlust could be found in the interesting people you meet. By their stories, or the friends you meet by traveling.

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