Day 77 : La Jolla, CA- Para-gliders, Sea Creatures, Beaches, and luxurious views.

Mikael, Angel and I watching the gliders fly like birds.

Great West Coast Adventure Day 3

So today was day 3 of “The Great West Coast Adventure.” I decided to take Mikael and my cousin Angel to one of the most favored beach areas and sites of San Diego.

La Jolla, California.

The first stop? The Torrey Pines Gliderport.

Torrey Pines Gliderport is a city-owned private-use glider airport where it is the home to hang gliding, paragliding, radio-controlled model sailplanes, and full-scale man-carrying sailplanes.

You can either purchase a package tandem (if the weather permits) or do what i do. Stand and watch in awe as these brave souls jump off the cliff to glide like birds.

That shit is always awesome! Would I do it? If I knew how to swim I would.. I’m way too chicken to jump.

I mean.. like what if i fall? hehe!

*Secret Note*

However, if I did fall… at the very bottom of the cliffs is a local not-so-secret nude beach:

Blacks Beach….

the sand is black and … you might get a chance to see some very uh….. tanned asses? Must be a great view for all those gliders!

La Jolla Cove & The Children’s Pool

Pic taken from the Sea Wall of the sleepy seals.

So I may have called these guys “monsters” but nothing could be further from the truth! One of top things you must see in San Diego are these two awesome locations. Like they seriously are a must-see in San Diego.

How to decide which one to go to, or lost to which one you’re at?

  • La Jolla Cove: The Seal Lions are barking and playing here.
  • The Children’s Pool: Seals love to sunbathe here and there’s a sea wall you can walk along to observe them.

In summer its very popular to go snorkeling or do water sports along side the Sea Lions at La Jolla cove. It’s not uncommon to find sunbathes sharing the sand with these animals. However, heed warning… just make sure you do not touch the animals. They are wild and they do bite!


The humans and the animals watching the sunset together.


We ended the day by going on Mikaels quest for the best gucamole in San Diego. We ended up meeting my cousin Ashleen at Mt. Soledad. One of the best views of San Diego (see photo of cross)

We dined on trendy tacos, elotes, guac, and micheladas at an upscale Mexican restuarant: Puesto.


Flight, Sea, and tacos= you gotta say that shit is a pretty productive day! So for all of you coming to SD.

Put this on your bucketlist.


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