Day 78: Redbull Air Races, San Diego Bay, Rooftop bars, and driving fast!

Welcome to the Embarcadero!

Great West Coast Adventure Day 4

For those of you who don’t know, San Diego is a coastal city! If you have lived in San Diego forever or a tourist just visiting one of the first places you will visit is the San Diego Downtown area.

One of the best ways to see my city? Why by taking a harbor cruise along the San Diego bay! We are the biggest naval ports on the west coast so it is an interesting face to know that our bay has only one entrance and exit!

Hornblower Harbor Cruise

During the first hour of our 2 hour tour we had the coolest view of the pilots practicing for the Red Bull Air Race competitions the next day. Since we weren’t able to finish the full tour because of it we were given tickets to come back monday!

No regrets here because we got to see the fast planes zipping past our boat on that sunny day.

Red bull Air Practices and Site seeing. There is always something interesting going on here in the San Diego bay! Perfect weather all year round… why wouldn’t you go on a boat?

Another cool thing about SD downtown is it is home to the famed Gaslamp. A urban area filled with art, music, bars, restaurants and more all located in one vicinity. It’s a great place for tourists because you can literally just walk everywhere and see a good piece of SD life.

One of my favorite places to see San Diego at night? Go up for a drink or two atop the Gaslamp Marriot to the number one rooftop bar in SD: Altitude.

The best way to end an awesome friday night? Going for a friendly competitive go cart race at K1 Speedzone just 5 minute drive away from the downtown area!

If you’re not first, you’re last.

Needless to say.. I pretty much suck at driving! I pretty much landed in last place, whereas Mikael hella beat out myself and a bachelor party by placing first place. It was actually my first time ever go-carting.


Not bad I guess.. I was racing a bunch of dudes.


In San Diego, you never know what to expect to do on a friday night.

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