Day 79: Mega Vegas Bucketlist Part I- The Roadtrip

Viva Las Vegas!

Great West Coast Adventure Day 5

If there’s something So-Californians know how to do best, it’s doing a road trip to Vegas.


What is the best thing to show a good friend on their first trip to the west coast?

View from the I-15 North. Straight to Vegas.

Why duh! You go on a spontaneous road trip to Vegas! Just a 5-6 hour drive from Sunny San Diego through the Mojave desert to get the the infamous “Sin City”.

Southern Californians are THE experts at doing Vegas the “right way”. Now i’m NOT talking about all of my local Vegas friends and family that live there. You don’t count! I mean the bros or besties that go to party, the lovers that runaway to elope, the families that traveled from distant lands, the people who come to watch world famous acts and singers.

We got you.

So instead of telling you a story of our 24 hours in Vegas I will deliver to you:


  1. Worlds Largest Thermometer- Baker, CA.


Temperatures can go as high as 120+ in Death Valley.



2. Alien Fresh Jerky- Baker, CA

No need to look for Area 51. This place is infested with “Aliens”.. and their famous jerky!

3. Road Trip Karaoke and Interviews! (Bonus footage)

4. Seven Magic Mountains, Art Installation. South Las Vegas, NV.



5. Welcome to Las Vegas Sign. Because nothing says welcome to Vegas without visiting the world famous sign! 


These are my absolutely top 5 things you shouldn’t miss out when taking a road trip to Vegas. Of course I didnt list EVERYTHING… but this is the best you can see in just 24 hours!


Honorable mentions:

  • Calico Ghost Town
  • Barstow Pitstop area/Outlet/Food/etc.
  • Train McDonalds at Barstow
  • Lake Dolores Abandoned Water Park
  • Zzyzx Road and the abandoned health springs
  • Sand Dunes – Death Valley or CA

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