Day 83: A birthday letter to Risa

To my sister from another mister Risa,

You are one of the most talented, don’t give a f*ck, open minded, world traveler, generous and like minded person I know. I’ve practically seen you grow up! You’re more than just like a little sister to me. You’re my soul sister! 

You’ve inspired me with your quest for adventure, love for music, and a thirst for knowledge. You know I’ve wanted to follow you to Asia, Europe, Los Angeles and San Francisco! I just know next year we both will be sitting on a beach halfway around the world celebrating life. 

I believe we were meant to be as sisters and friends! I’m glad our families are more than just best friends, we’re family. 

I hope you have the most wonderful 30th birthday!

Because you deserve it. 

This is me shouting to the world that I love my sister!

 Lighthouse is on, and we’re both ready for the light!

I’m grateful for you.

Happy birthday 

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