Day 85: A lighthouse, some Tidepools, and the first European on the West Coast.

When you think of a lighthouse… you don’t think about them being in San Diego!

However, high above in Point Loma sits one of the oldest in San Diego. One of my favorite places to visit is the Cabrillo National Monument.

1. History- 

there is a monument dedicated to Juan Rodriguez Cabrillo. The first European to step foot on the West coast in the mid 1500’s. There’s also a small museum to learn more about it

Knowledge is power.

 Since it was discovered by a Spaniard. 

 San diego means “Saint Diego”… not “whales vagina” (Anchorman reference)

2. Point Loma Lighthouse-

San Diego bay has only one entrance and exit. It only makes sense that they’d have a lighthouse back in the day. Not as creepy as the “Ring” lighthouse  (horror movie reference) but it is a great thing to see and learn about here in San Diego.

3. Whale watching and hiking trails-

During whale season you don’t have to take a fancy boat to see the whales. You can see them from far atop these awesome cliffs. Also, if you love the outdoors we have perfect weather all year long for you to take a stroll  and easy hikes throughout this park.

4. CA tidepools-

From the lighthouse to the sea shore.. on a low tide you can catch some ocean creatures within the tidepools. This is one of my favorite and unique places that definitely define San Diego.

5. Fort Rosecrans Cemetery-

Though it’s not a part of the park, it’s located on the drive up and as you enter the park. It’s a federal military cemetery that is just something so beautiful to see! I know it sounds weird to say that right? But these soldiers who passed have the best afterlife residence!

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