Day 86: Godsisters

Most of my family blood resides in the Philippines. However, I don’t feel left out from not growing up with blood relatives because I had some very awesome ones around me already.

My mother and her nursing college friends all traveled to America for a better life. Over 40 years later they are still best friends. They stayed together by naming each other “God-Parents” to all of their kids.

Which is where I come in! Now their kids are all friends and I’m a god parent their kids kid as well. So you can say, were still practically family. 

 The best part of my day today was spending it with 2 of my god sisters: Kimmie and Ciarra. So happy they came and invited me for a staycation in San Diego. 😁 

We went our for dinner, drinks and catching up on the good ol days when Ciarra and the older girls wouldn’t let us play. 

I’m happiest at this moment in time because we know our favorite godmother Ninang Grace who passed  is watching us. 😍

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