Day 93: Positive Vibes for a positive life.

 Positive vibes = Positive life.

In LA today celebrating my aunt’s birthday. It got me to thinking about a lot of things I’m grateful for.

 I’m a big fan of birthdays and believe we should celebrate life. I believe we were all born into this world as a special person. Sometimes it’s hard to believe it, but just think about it. 

There must be more to it than

  “it just is”.

     We humans think, feel, create, smell, and taste. We’re more complex to just define as something simple. 

Though we can be the same, we each are uniquely different. It’s something that should be celebrated.

 I am alive, you are alive, we are alive.

Be grateful you were born into this Earth.

It’s days like this that we should remember that and SMILE. 😁 
Like the Mad Hatter once said, 

” A Very Merry Un-Birthday to you”. 

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