DAY 44: TGIF.I’m beat, let me sleep.

TGIF (but not really).

Hard and long days can be tough. Today was an especially exhausting one. Trust me, you don’t want to know.

What’s my secret to seemingly positive and resilient energy??????


It’s vacations, staycations & meditation that get me re-energized to stay focused. I’m not like the energizer bunny.

I can’t keep.. going..

and going.


I just want to sleep, someone wake me up when its summer so we can hang at the beach. Oh wait, it’s always summer in SD. *Dangit* (face palm). 🀦🀦

Have a good weekend everyone!! Rest is good for the Soul.

#flashbackfriday to #staycation Tuesday. #inspiration #happysquadblog #ihatesun #iwant #sweaterweather #californiadreaming #idreamoftravel #bucketlist #china #italy #germany #denmark #switzerland #brazil #argentina #thailand #lifeofbebepineapple πŸ“Έ @leenq619

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