Day 49: “The Weeping Girl” in Gothenburg central train station.

“Weeping Girl” statue by Laura Ford. Göteborgs centralstation, Göteborg C, Sweden.

-#Sweden 03/16/18.

One of the most powerful pieces of art I’ve seen on my trip to Sweden. My beautiful friend @susannalisell, showed me this piece of art in Gothenburg central train station. It’s an art piece hard to miss, but easily passed by.


What struck the most about this piece is that when you move closer theres a sign asking you if she is crying or playing hide and seek. However, looking at first glance you’d think she was crying.

It got me thinking,

“had it been a real girl, would people stop to find out if she was crying or playing?”

This was in fact, the second largest train station in ALL OF SWEDEN. So i imagine people have places to go, people to see.


Hahaha but…… Well DUH!!!! The Swedes are some of the nicest people on Earth!!!!! Of course they would! They’re known for one of the happiest countries in the world.

However, the REAL meaning behind this post was to remind you: Sometimes we can get wrapped into in our lives to notice things around us (or care).

Hopefully this post can inspire you. Inspire you that if you see someone who looks like in need, try and ask to see what’s going on.

To care, can probably help change someones day.

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